The Round Church internship is a year-long programme for those who have a willing heart to support the mission of our organisation. This includes helping at the Round Church Visitor Centre and Round Church Scriptorium, demonstrating hospitality to visitors and scholars.  Interns are mentored in developing a Christian worldview in mind and practice, with the L'Abri-like model of half a day work, and half a day study.

Most of our past interns have entered or reentered postgraduate work with the intention of integrating what they learned through the internship and applying it to their scholarship. But you don't have to be an academic to apply. Others have pursued professions such as teaching, art education, marketing, software, full-time ministry...etc. We believe that, since everything is under the Lordship of Christ, all of life is ministry. So whatever your next step, we're here to help you get prepared.

We do accept summer interns

'My time as an intern with the Round Church was a huge privilege. Surrounded by a welcoming community that actively seeks to apply the truth of the gospel to all of life, every facet of the internship worked together to provide me with a solid, joyful foundation for faith in Christ for life.’ Angeline Liles, Personal Assistant to Director of Studies, St. Mary's School | Cambridge, and former intern

'The internship has already made a tremendous impact on me, both intellectually and personally. The tutors are excellent guides in my study and research, and the community of Cambridge offers a vast array of artistic, academic, and historical resources.' Jon Thompson, PhD, Philosophy at King's College London, and former intern

'First-rate lecturers and tutors with whom you get to engage informally and ask all those questions you’ve been dying to ask. All of this is against the stimulating and strategic backdrop of Cambridge University–so plenty of scope to get involved in evangelism, discipleship and so influence the influencers of the future.' Richard Cunningham, Director of, University and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF)



We are committed to helping Christians grow in the gospel and express a deeply biblical worldview. This requires both solid theological grounding and attention to the major questions of our secular culture. As an intern, you will be immersed in what Cambridge provides - lectures, readings and discussions in theology and culture. The study programme culminates in a dissertation of your choice, or a project.




We are convinced that the most effective way to learn is in community. Whether it be talking about western philosophy, systematic theology, or comparing socks, as an intern you'll become part of a culture of creative, encouraging and thoughtful people.


Study here is never merely academic or theoretical; it is constantly focused on application. We will therefore try to introduce you to regular opportunities to articulate your faith in both personal and public contexts. You will have the opportunity to take part in the wider evangelistic movement in Cambridge, as well as the outreach efforts of the Cambridge University and Anglia Ruskin Christian Unions. Our relationship with CICCU has been particularly fruitful, as interns have been college guests at places like Magdalene, Peterhouse, Robinson, Pembroke, Corpus Crisit, St. Catharine's, Churchill, Trinity Hall, Trinity, Girton, Sidney Sussex, Downing, Emmanuel, Christ’s, St. John’s and King’s Colleges. They have also given evangelistic talks at both Anglia Ruskin and Hill's Road Sixth Form colleges.


We will ask you, as an intern, to get involved in the daily work of the Round Church with a stong spirit of volunteerism. Your gifts and interests will be put to use in support of our ministry at the Round Church and in wider Cambridge. This includes daily work in the Round Church Visitor Centre as a doorkeeper, as well as serving the Round Church Scriptorium. Examples include our public lectures, 'The Round Church Talks', as well as occasional debates and forums. These events are particularly aimed at engaging the academy and the arts with the Christian worldview.


Effective evangelism and meaningful theological study flow from a vibrant relationship with God. The programme therefore makes a priority of the interns' devotional and worship life. As an intern, you will take part in the life of local congregations, but you will also receive personal discipleship from the members of the Christian Heritage community. We begin each day together in God’s word and prayer. This results not only in personal growth but also in a greater ability and confidence in discipling other Christians.


The first step in applying is to get in contact with David Illman. Please email him at or text on 07428 703 711 to find a time you can talk about the programme. We would love to hear from you even if it's a very tentative enquiry, or an enquiry for a subsequent year.

Later on, the application process involves a CV, a few questions and an interview if possible.

Further Information

Weekly timetable
This varies from intern to intern with differences in the time spent in the church, weekend scheduling and work days. Scriptorium devotions and Round Church Talks are fixed points for all interns. 

Practical details
Interns are self-funded and there are fees to cover our costs. Where possible interns should seek to secure funding through their sending institution or church. Where necessary, interns should feel free to find paid work for up to 8 hours per week to help support themselves. 

The costs will be approx £9,000 for the duration of the internship. This covers finding his/her own rent location, food, living costs and course fees. Possible sources of income for interns are: one day a week paid work, support from friends, church and sending institution. Those coming from the EU will have extra travel costs. Those coming from outside the EU will not be able to work, and will have insurance, travel, communication and visa costs to consider.

The scheme will be most suitable for those who have recently graduated, or are just graduating.