If you are interested in hiring the Round Church, please email admin@christianheritage.org.uk.

For additional details and to request a quote, please see our Booking Form with Terms & Conditions.

Frequently asked questions


Can we have a wedding or other service here?

Please contact St Andrew the Great.

How many people does the church seat?

Round area: 80 (including 20 with no view).
Chancel area: 152 (including 80 with restricted or no view).

Can we serve alcohol?

Alcohol is not permitted.

Can we serve food?

Finger food is fine, as long as you clean up afterwards. Please be aware that we have limited space for caterers and only a very small kitchenette.

Are there toilets?

Yes, but in a private office, so the entrance to the office needs to be manned if you want to make the toilets available to your audience.

Can you provide audio and video equipment?

We prefer groups to bring their own equipment, but if you have a particular need please email us.

Can we rig lights in the gallery? Or use the gallery?

The gallery may be used by lighting engineers with personal insurance to cover falls from heights, as the only access to the gallery is by ladder. It has not been possible to stand in the gallery since the Victorian restoration 150 years ago!

Can we move the furniture?

In general this is possible. Please discuss this with the administrator. The exhibition boards cannot be moved.