Cambridge 6th Form Conference 


Christian Heritage
The Round Church, Bridge Street, Cambridge CB2 1UB 

Saturday 22nd April 21017   10am – 4pm



Lectures, Discussion, Food, Socialising

6th Form can be a tough time for a Christian or someone open to faith. It usually means going against the flow. Being equipped to engage with and counter the secular culture is crucial.


10.00am    Registration (£2 entry cost – bring the right change please)

10.20am    Introduction and Welcome

10.30am    Lecture 1 and Q&A 

Secularism is the air we breathe. Why is that and what is it? 

Ian Cooper, Tutor at Christian Heritage

11.30am    Coffee and Biscuits (provided)

12.00am    Lecture 2 and Q&A 

Science and Religion: the history of a conflict? 

Jon Thompson, PhD candidate in Philosophy, Kings College London

1.00pm      Lunch   (Sandwiches, fruit and juice provided)

2.00pm      Lecture 3 and Q&A

Social Media: an exercise in self-obsession?  

Andrew Fellows, Director of Christian Heritage

3.00pm      Panel Q&A and Discussion 

3.45pm      Network, Resources and Goodbyes

4.00pm      End

Applications (name and contact details) and any queries to Ian Cooper